1) All goods remain the property of Gully Garden and Premix (“GG&P”) until payment is received in full

2) Concrete Orders:

(i) Waiting Time 45 mins then $2/min thereafter

(ii) Concrete Return 0.2m³-0.5m³ @ $50 0.6m³-1.0m³ @ $100

(iii) Color concrete may attract wash out fee of $60

(iv) upon total concrete disbursement from the truck at customers satisfaction, the customer then assumes full responsibilty for the finished cured product based on their craftmanship(V) Cancellation Fee: A $80 cancellation fee may apply to any concrete orders cancelled on the day of pour.

3) Delivery is effected when truck has entered the closest point to the customers property without leaving the public road 3) Trucks entering property at customers request do so at customers risk and the company will not be liable for damages. Cost for any damages including salvage towing from customers property after entering will be borne by the customer.

Aggregates used in Exposed Aggregates Concrete and or Polished Concrete are natural products and can vary in colour, shape and size. Any sample of aggregates or finished product shown to you are only indicative and illustrative of the type of finish to be achieved. Gully can NOT guarantee that the finished product will match our samples in our display.

Concrete has deem delivery once arrived at the address specified.