Soils and Sand

We stock a range of soils such as our blended lawn soil, specially formulated for Australian Conditions. Great for use as a turf underlay, a base

for lawn seed or to top dress existing lawns.

It is composed of sandy loam, compost and lawn starter fertiliser. These ingredients provide the best drainage, moisture retention and fertiliser your new or existing lawn requires.

We also stock a range of sands including:

Our Soils & Sands include:

  • Triple Washed Sand
  • White Brick Sand
  • Packing Sand
  • Blended Lawn Soil
  • Concrete Sand/Granitic sand
  • Fud Compost
  • Eco Blend
  • Organic Mulch

Triple Washed Sand, white in colour, great for fishpond, kids sandpits, mortar, laying pavers, or to mix in with soils to assist with drainage.

White Brick Sand generally used for tiling and render, but can also be used for bricklaying, concreting, paving and rendering.
Packing Sand used to build up areas prior to concreting or water tank installation.

Concrete Sand is washed and Grade 20/25, which makes it terrific to use as an aggregate in concrete and masonry. Concrete sand is also used as bedding sand under concrete slabs, walkways and driveways or for sandpits and laying pavers

We offer same day delivery to all suburbs or alternatively we can supply a courtesy trailer.