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Keracolour FF 100

Make sure your grout is the one everyone talks about with Mapei Keracolor, a range of water-repellent coloured grouts from the world’s number one manufacturer of grout and adhesives.

Key Features
DropEffect© technology
Suitable for interior and exterior use
Colour: White
Suitable for 1 – 6 mm grout joints
Mapesil AC Silicone available in corresponding colours
Composed of a blend of cement, very fine-graded aggregates, special polymers, additives and pigments, Keracolor offers the ultimate grouting solution. Mapei’s specially developed DropEffect© technology is included which uses special hydrophobic additives to make grout mortars highly water-repellent and less prone to dirtiness too. Available in a vast range of colours, Keracolor is ideal for grouting smooth floor coverings such as polished porcelain, polished marble, and glazed tiles, as well as for commercial/industrial installations due to its resistance to chemical agents.

Keracolour FF 100
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