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Bagged Products Ferntree Gully

We offer our complete range of garden supplies in easy to manage bags. If you only need a small amount of one of our garden or building supply products and you would like the convienience of easily transported no mess bagged goods, come and visit our friendly garden experts at Gully Garden and Building Supplies.

Bagged products are ideal for small jobs around the house, limited access areas, clean transport and storage.

Our Bagged Products include:

  • Eureka General Purpose (GP) Cement
  • Gypsum 25kg
  • Brightonlite Off White Cement
  • Australian Builders Off White Cement
  • Australian Builders General Purpose (GP) Cement
  • Triple Wash Sand (Child & playground suitable)
  • Yellow Brick Sand
  • White Brick Sand
  • Limil 20kg
  • Concrete Mix 20kg
  • Rapid Set Concrete 20kg
  • Mortar Mix 20kg/Pavelock 20kg
  • Stone dust 25kg